Thursday, July 30, 2015

Västra stambanan and surroundings

Another rainy day, the trip goes along Västra stambanan railway.
 Finnerödjabacken and X40 train.
 Finnerödja station.
 In Gårdsjö, Kinnekullebanan is connecting to VSB.
 Hova station.
 Y31 Västtåg train is operating here to/from Mariestad.

 The station is abandoned.

 Älgarås station.

 In Töreboda, VSB meets Göta Kanal.
 Here is the bridge over Göta Kanal.
 Old cars can be found in small towns.
 Töreboda station.

 This part of the VSB is very straight, and allows speeds of 200km/h.
 In the background Billingen mesa, which is the largest one in Sweden.

 Väring station.
 Ulvåker station.
 The view on VSB from Sydbillingen.

 X52 Västtåg

 One of the highest points along VSB.
 MTR Express is passing by

 Skara station had the last regular train in 1970. Today the station is working as a bus stop and museum railway station.
 From Skara, the railway was build to Lidköping, Skövde, and Göteborg (through Vara).

 Railway museum in Skara.

 Today the only non demolished part of the railway is from Skara to Lundsbrunn.

 Lugnås station at Kinnekullebanan.

 Look up
 Lyrestad station.

 Torved station
 In Torved Kinnekullebanan is connected to Torved-Gullspång railway.
 Today it is only used for trolley rides.

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