Sunday, November 29, 2020

Jakobshyttan, Mosås, Laxå

The winter is almost here, and today I will be experiencing the first snow since the summer in the region of Närke. 
I'm heading first to my favourite spot - Jakobshyttan. This place is actually located just on the border between Närke and Östergötland regions.
Tåg i Bergslagen trains are already here in the morning

RRS train 42025 is on time today

Rc4 1138

Green Cargo train 4911 is 40 minutes early today

Rc4 1160

DB Cargo Scandinavia train 44983 is 77 minutes late today

185 321

From Jakobshyttan I'm traveling further north to Mosås
Here is train 5761
Rc4 1256 is transporting today Re 1425 

Tågab train 47486 to Frövi

Rc2 008

TX Logistik train 44641 to Malmö

185 408 is a Traxx F140 AC2 locomotive
It has the original MRCE livery and the TX Logistik logo
It has also "Marco Polo - new ways to green horizon" logo, it is a programe from European comission "aimed to ease road congestion and the pollution it causes by promoting a switch to greener transport modes for European freight traffic."

At Laxå, I'm expecting to see 2 freight trains to/from paper industries

CFL Cargo train 78664 on the way to Husum norra

The one and only Traxx AC3 187 400 is passing by Laxå today

Train 28617 from Västtrafik without passengers

X52 9087

Green Cargo train 5566 to Hallsberg

Rd2 1092 and Td 365

At the same time, Hector Rail train 43323 is approaching Laxå
The train will be terminated here, for collection of the new timber cargo

243 116 Vectron 
142 212 "Jeffries"

Y31 1403

Not far from Laxå is a nature reserve - Vargavidderna

Lake Gryten