Sunday, June 23, 2019

Krampen, Morshyttan, Gysinge, Tärnsjö

Today I'm visiting railways "Godsstråken genom Bergslagen" and "Sala-Gysinge-Gävle" (SGGJ).
First, Krampen station located at the "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway

X51 9011

Tåg i Bergslagen train on the route Gävle-Örebro



The station in Morshyttan was demolished in 1971

By Sockengille in Djupvik

Sala-Gysinge-Gävle standard gauge railway opened in 1901 and was operated until 1964 with railcars.
Former station house in Gysinge
Gysinge banvaktstuga (rail keepers house) and remains of the railway

Gysinge mansion

Dalälven river

Gysinge had the largest iron works in Gästrikland county at the end of 19th century

Parts of the railway path is now used for walking of bicycling

After the last passenger train in 1964 it was still used by freight trains until 1970. Bridges over Dalälven were not capable to use for heavy freight trains and the cost to for upgrading them was too high. Today it is possible to walk on these bridges.

The station in Tärnsjö is today a museum of Swedish-American folk artist Olof Krans.

SJ E2 steam locomotive manufactured in 1913