Sunday, November 27, 2022

Belgium - part 1

Time for a new trip - this time one week in Belgium
Belgium in November will be not as nice as in June - but I will have some nice surprises too when it comes to the weather. Flying to Belgium has its benefits - I can do it from central Stockholm, Bromma airport.

At Zaventem airport, I'm greeted

A stop on my way from the airport to Gent

This time I'm staying in the central part of Gent - near Dampoort

Walking down the streets of Gent

Belgium is obviously the home of not only NATO but also the beers

The beauty of Gent combined with the iPhone 12 camera

The next morning
A freight train at Dampoort, it looks promising
Today I'm heading to a railway line where I know for sure I'll spot some freight trains - The Belgian railway line 15 connecting Antwerp with Hasselt. 
The line is also connecting Belgium with Germany
Here at Diepenbeck station I'm spotting my first freight train 

186 289, Crossrail Benelux N.V.


186 220, Crossrail AG

186 492, LINEAS NV/SA

186 339 and 186 338, DB Cargo Deutschland AG

186 499, BLS Cargo AG

Ambrogio train from Mechelen to Italy. Funny since I was just visiting Ambrogio recently in Italy
186 329, ECR - Euro Cargo Rail SAS

186 291, LINEAS Group NV/SA
This is obviously the land of LINEAS, most freight trains are hauled by their locomotives here
This is the station of Testelt

266 113, Railtraxx NV

186 451

186 504 at Langdorp

186 209

DE 6312, Crossrail Benelux N.V.

186 220 at Booischot

More trains at Melkouwen

Back in Gent

Christmas is here soon

On Sunday I did not much luck, I went to Essen to see the trains between BE and NL, but the line was closed for the reconstruction. On the way back I stopped at Kapelle-op-den-Bos
186 215, Railtraxx BVBA - probably on the way to Zeebrugge harbor

Stoomtrein Dendermonde-Puurs - railway museum

I'll be back here another day
Kasteel van Laarne

Beer Encyclopedia

Streets of Gent

Trainspotting at Gent St.Pieters station