Sunday, July 26, 2015

Södra stambanan and surroundings

Rain, rain, rain... What to do, when you have other plans. For railways it does not make such a big difference, other than a dark environment for photographs. Anyway, this day i took a ride along Södra stambanan.
 Starting in Motala. About 1km from Motala is the Motala verkstad village founded by Baltzar von Platen. Motala Verkstad is one of the oldest engineering companies in Sweden, most famous works are Göta Kanal, Västerbron and Uppsala Cathedral. Here is local Folkets hus (People's house) built at the same time as the nearby railway station.
 Motala Verkstad station was shut down 1971.
 Inside one can walk back in time.
 Motala Verkstad station is placed along the Hallsberg-Mjölby railway which connects to Södra stambana in Mjölby.
 This part of the railway towards Mjölby was upgraded to a double track in 2012. Next phase is from Motala to Hallsberg.
 This part of the railway (Godsstråket genom Bergslagen) is connecting Södra stambanan with Norra stambanan, thus making it possible for cargo trains to run through all Sweden.
 Vadstena-Fågelsta is a narrow-gauge railway used nowadays only as museum railway.
 Once they were connecting here to the main railway.
 Since 2013 Östgötapendeln is operating here.
 Fågelsta station was shut down 1973.
 X61 train is passing by.
 Flowers are struggling up through the metal stairs.
 Strålsnäs station, the first stop after Mjölby southwards. X2000 train is passing by.
 No trains are stopping here since 1970s
 Boxholm station is however still in use, the trains are stopping a bit outside from the old station building. The station building is used as apartments now.
 Boxholm station was used a prototype for many other stations such as Linghem, Vikingstad, Mantorp etc.

 Södra stambanan is one of the most heavily used railways in Sweden.
 Many cargo trains are passing here.

 Frinnaryd station, now privately owned.
 The station was shut down 1973.

 The highest waterfall in Sweden - Stalpet is 20m long and it can be found in Aneby.

 Solberga station.
 Once there was a life here.
 X2000 is passing by in Grimstorp.
 Bodafors station. The station was shut down 1973 but re-opened 1997 and now few train per day (Krösatåg) are operating here.
 Due to increased X2000 train services during last 20 years and decreased Intercity trains that earlier stopped at many stations along Södra stambana, the regions in this area decided to finance the commuter train Krösatåg.
 Sävsjö station.
 X11 Krösatågen in Sävsjö.

 Stockaryd station re-opened 2012.
 The old station building is now a cafe.

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