Saturday, October 27, 2018

Alingsås, Svartå

I'm on my way to Alingsås, to visit the annual lights festival arranged since 1999.
 On the weekend a week before the temperature was +10C, today it is around 0C and I can spot the first snow on my way to Alingsås.

 Arriving to Alingsås with Blå tåget

 Street art by Carolina Falkholt just outside the station. This graffiti wall was created in 2012

 Alingsås station
Sculpture by Susanna Arwin "With handbag as a weapon" depicting the famous photograph taken in Växjö in 1985 where a 38-year-old woman is hitting a marching neo-nazi with a handbag.

Alingsås museum

Bust of Jonas Alströmer - a pioneer of agriculture and industry in Sweden.

Alingsås is renowned for being The Capital of Fika. There are currently around 30 different cafés in Alingsås.

 One of the sights with lights installation is the cemetery

 The other sight is at the Plantage Park

 Light installation at the bridge

 My visit in Alingsås is over for this time. The light installations did not impress me, maybe because it was still too much light, or because of the weather - I don't know. Hopefully it will be better another time.
 The next day the weather is much better, I'm visiting my second home - Svartå.
 I'm enjoying the nice weather and spotting some trains passing by on Värmland Line.
 Here is train 17058 from Karlstad to Stockholm

 Rc3 1062 (blue) and 1063 (black)
 B1, BS5, AB3, B1, BS5, AB3 coaches in this train

 Train 68890 is also a Tågab, but this time it is a freight train from Kristinehamn to Vallvik

 Rc2 001 with the unusual Infranord yellow livery, Tågab bought this locomotive from Infranord in 2012
 TMY 110 with "Inlandsgods" livery

 SJ Intercity train 677 Stockholm-Oslo

 Rc6 1391
 B7, RB7, B7B, AB7 coaches in this train

 Train 630 Karlstad-Stockholm

 Train 40101 Värtan-Norway

 243 001 Vectron from Hectorrail

 Train 5661 Hallsberg-Grums
 Rd2 1099

 Last but not least - train 7035 Karlstad-Göteborg
 During 2017, at the time of the opening of City tunnel in Stockholm, all X10 trains were taken out of service, 43 of them were scrapped, while 8 trains were sold to Tågab and Sagarail.
 Here is X10 3181 from Sagarail, here operating for the Tågab service. It is planned that Sagarail will resume its services between Stockholm-Linköping-Jönköping later during 2019.