Saturday, August 8, 2015


Today it is time to take MTR Express X74 train to Göteborg. The Hong Kong based company MTR have already been operating the metro in Stockholm for some years, and now it has decided to compete with SJ on the most profitable line in Sweden.
 This Saturday morning, trains are leaving one after one at Stockholm C. Just some minutes before MTR X74 was about to leave, there a scheduled SJ X2000 double coupled train to Göteborg.
 The cheapest fare by SJ is 195SEK, by MTR is 185SEK. Thanks to the tilting technology X2 train is a bit faster than the non-tilting X74.
 Here it is, X74 - also known as Stadler Flirt Nordic.
 The train was manufactured based on the Norwegian regional BM74 train, but X74 has less doors and more comfortable seats. Here is short stop at Södertälje syd (no one was entering).

 Space for luggage.
 MTR has somehow strange placement of the passengers, the back of the train is full, while the front of the train is empty. There is a very limited possibility to choose seat when booking the ticket.
 Inside everything looks new and fresh.
 Even the clock is swiss.
 Displays are showing next stops and delays. There is small cafe, but it is only open during limited time.
 In Skövde and Herrljunga some people were getting off.

 Arriving to Göteborg.

 Hopefully the business will go well, and MTR will open more lines in Sweden.
 Interesting light combination at the rear of the train (both red and white).
 Finally, the August surprised with nice weather (after raining all July).
 Today the trip continues by boat to Nya Älvsborg Fortress, 30min trip from central Göteborg.

 Stena Line Express.

 Älvsborg bridge.
 Here is the fortress.
 Passing by the harbour of Göteborg.
 The entrance ticket includes theatrical guide.

 Back to Göteborg, watching some trams. This one is a museum line.

 Central station.
 "Lek eller alvar" sculpture at the station.
 Trainspotting at Göteborg central. There are 16 platform tracks here.
 The night train to the north is long.
 Blå tåget is parked for the night.
 X61 Pendeltåg.

 BM73 to Oslo.
X52 Västtåg

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