Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ystad, Södertälje hamn

After travelling for more than 3 weeks in Europe, I'm back in Sweden. 
 Arriving with Unity Line ferry to Ystad early in the morning.

 Not many passengers on foot travelling with this ferry

  Just like in Swinoujscie, the ferry terminal is located very close to the train station, which makes this ferry route very convenient for train travellers.
 Skånetrafiken X61 trains in Ystad
 Lighthouse in Ystad

 Ystad station

 The line Ystad-Malmö is frequent and it takes 50 minutes
 I'm having my breakfast in the train

 X61 in Malmö

 Alfons in Malmö

 X2 and X55 at Malmö C
 Shortly before the departure time, Snälltåget is arriving to the platform
 This will be my train today back home to Stockholm, or to be precise Södertälje hamn since there are no operations between Stockholm Södra and Central due to railway works.

 There is a confusion at the platform, the car numbers are not matching, and the staff is changing them shortly before departure

 For some time there are two cars with number 16

 Vectron locomotive
 Finally, I can spot my coach

 Snälltåget is a low-cost option for traveling between Malmö and Stockholm

 The line between Malmö and Lund is being upgraded from 2 to 4 tracks


 A bit scary to see another train approaching at the rear of my train
 No decision is yet taken on how to upgrade from 2 to 4 tracks in central Lund
 These buildings are listed as cultural heritage and cannot be destroyed. This is, of course, a problem when the line will be upgraded to 4 tracks here

 Due to the renumbering of the coaches in Malmö, our train is delayed with 15 minutes
 Breakfast is included in 1st class
 Breakfast is a sandwich, juice, apple, and coffee


 Time for lunch
 Snälltåget is serving both food and drinks in real plates and glasses, no plastic here.



 Another Snälltåget train

 Boxholm depot



 The train is taking the old way through Södertälje, the new one is located on the bridge ahead
 Södertälje hamn is the terminus station for this train
 The station is usually operated only by commuter trains, SL. During the summer Snälltåget is using it too.

 Passengers continuing to Stockholm are advised to proceed to the bus stop outside the station

 Bus to Stockholm Central
 I'm going back to the station, as I prefer to continue my journey by local train
Traxx locomotive in Årstadal