Saturday, March 31, 2018

Vretstorp, Vedevåg, Näverkärret

 On Holy Saturday, I'm visiting several places in Bergslagen. First, Västra stambanan near Vretstorp.
 X40 is heading to Stockholm from Göteborg
 Livin' on the edge
 X2 at Vretstorp
 None of the trains stops here. The station building was destroyed in a fire in 1981

 CFL train 43332 from Kil to Vallvik
Traxx F160 AC3 LM "187 400" is only 2 years old locomotive. It belongs to Railpool and it is hired to CFL Cargo.
 CFL Cargo has recently signed an agreement for transportation of timber for "Specialvirke AB".

 I'm catching same train about 1h later at Ervalla station

 Vedevåg station at the old TGOJ railway.
 Traxx "185 404" on the way to Borlänge

 Sällinge station at Godsstråket genom Bergslagen railway
 A lonely Rc4 1284 is passing by

 Almost identical station is Spannarboda
 X51 from Örebro to Gävle

 Spannarboda church
 Sverkerstaån river at Bergshyttan
 Näverkärret station
 Station house from 1917
 I'm not sure for how long this station will live, seems that it has been abandonded for a long time