Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lund, Stockaryd

Before leaving Lund and returning to Stockholm I will visit some places on my way.
Allhelgonakyrkan church in Lund

I'm renting an e-scooter to get to the monument commemorating the Battle of Lund
Here it is

The battle took place in 1676 between Denmark and Sweden

The monument is from 1876

New tram line

Botanical garden

I'm back at my hotel, just in time for breakfast

I'm leaving Lund and will be taking local trains back instead of the high-speed direct train. I will have to take 7 trains instead of 1.
The first train is taking me to Hässleholm
Train 9709 is ready for departure 

The train is from Nässjö to Vekerum

My 2nd train is Krösatåg from Hässleholm to Alvesta

From Alvesta there is another Krösatåg to Nässjö
I'm stopping at Stockaryd

Stockaryd has an older platform further south

Stockaryd church

Train 5266 Malmö-Hallsberg

Rd2 1096

Train 5617 Hallsberg-Malmö

Rm 1262
Rd2 1034

Out of nowhere, train 46070 is appearing
Trätåg AB is operating timber terminal in several places, Stockaryd is one of them
Train 46070 is heading from Stockaryd to Frövi
243 117

Stockaryd hembygsgård, a sort of open air museum

So far, I have been taking X61, X11, and X14 trains. Here is another X14

Krösatåg to Tranås
X11 and X61
Östgötapendeln to Mjölby
Östgötapendeln to Norrköping
The old ticket machine has retired


Train 40620 Kimstad-Borlänge
243 115