Sunday, July 31, 2022

Stephansfeld, Graffenstaden, Strasbourg

Day 22: From Arnhem to Strasbourg
Taking the ICE train from the Netherlands to Germany
It is a double set of ICE3 trains, and it is packed with people all the way to Karlsruhe. This photo was taken when everybody left

Here in Karlsruhe it is possible to switch to the french train
Also an overcrowded train
But I have a short trip from Karlsruhe to Strasbourg

+35 today

TGV POS at Strasbourg station

De Dietrich Reichshoffen factory where this TGV was manufactured

Trains for Paris, Basel and Sarrebourg
Alstom Sybic

Inside TER train
Alstom Regiolis 

Today I'm visiting nearby stations Stephansfeld and Graffenstaden

Stephansfeld Hôpital

The classic Paris-Strasbourg railway offers train services from Strasbourg to Metz and Nancy 
Fluo Grand Est was a merger 2016 between TER Alsace, TER Lorraine, and TER Champagne-Ardenne

Freight trains are operating on the line, even on Sunday
Alstom Prima, SNCF Class 37000 is a triple voltage version of Class 27000, it is equipped for operations in F, D, CH

This train has containers from heading to Novara, Italy, so it is probably driving to Basel with the french locomotive.

27122M is a Class 27000, dual voltage locomotive
27122M is operated by CFL Cargo and it is equipped for operations in F and L

Another Class 37000

37041 has no SNCF logo, it is owned by Akiem and hired by different companies

Moving to the south, now at Strasbourg-Basel railway and Graffenstaden station

The station is simple but it has an overground bridge
TER200 Strasbourg-Basel

Freight trains on this line as well

Also, there are two SNCF Class BB 60000
Class BB 60000 is a Vossloh G1000

Stephansfeld and Graffenstaden that I've visited today 

Back at Strasbourg