Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bodafors, Aneby

Today I'm traveling to Småland and visiting Southern Mainline.
Train 3933 departing at 07:00 is an additional service from Snälltåget to their regular daily train between Stockholm and Malmö.

Since it is an early departure I'm having my breakfast in the train
This train has an R7 restaurant coach, which is a former B3 coach from NSB

Since it was dark almost 2h, I could not see which route the train took. Now I can see that it took the railway through Nyköping instead of the usual route through Katrineholm.
Today will be a sunny day

At Åby our train is connecting on the Souther Main Line

Most cars on this train are of type BC2, usually used for night train services to Åre during the ski season

There is also an older B5 coach. Despite an early departure on a Saturday, the train is almost full

193 255 Vectron at Nässjö
Passengers are taking their dogs out for a walk during the stop

R7 coach
Some coaches have "Inlandsbanan" livery

BC2K coach, with couchette compartments. In the summer used as the night train to Berlin, in the winter as night train to Åre. During other periods of the year, it is used for day trains Stockholm/Malmö.

Rd2 1028

Another Snälltåget, is arriving from Malmö

193 254 Vectron

X14 3230

Christmas tree at Nässjö

Thimons patisserie has a wide selection of cakes

Y32 1408

X52 9041
I'm taking Krösatåg from Nässjö to Bodafors
X14 3237


Between 1976 and 1997 there were no services operating this station.

Train 5613 Hallsberg-Malmö
It is the same train I saw earlier at Nassjö. It was waiting for the passenger trains to pass
Rd2 1028

There is a bus stop right outside the station

Bodafors is known for several furniture manufacturing companies

There are many churches here

In 1940 the first church in Bodafors was constructed, sponsored by the local furniture firms. In 1970 it was modernized, designed by Ralph Erskine.

3rd Snälltåget train I see today
This one has more modern cars, capable of reaching 200km/h
193 288 Vectron


Train 9730 Nässjö-Värö
Rd2 1091

The former station of Bodafors was destroyed in 2009. Until 1922 it was named Sandsjö
It was located here

The bridge constructed in 1995

Don't go without a ticket
Why put a fence here...

My next destination will be Aneby, first I have to go back to Nässjö

X11 3138

RRS train arriving from the north at Nässjö

X14 3230 will be my next train

Some features of the train


Arriving at Aneby

Train 5100 Malmö-Hallsberg

Rc4 1280 and Rd2 1111

Monument of Elis Sandberg at Aneby. He was a famous doctor in Sweden during the 50's

The station re-opened in Aneby in 1996
Former station house

Train 4911 Umeå-Nässjö

Rc4 1191