Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ceglédbercel, Kétpó, Szajol

Today I'm heading eastbound towards Romania
Ceglédbercel station is located at railway line 100 from Budapest to Szolnok

187 520, Traxx F140 AC3 from V-Híd Cargo Zrt.

The locomotive was previously used in Germany by CTL Logistics and RheinCargo

A lonely Vectron from Gysev

480 007 with "II. Rákóczi Ferenc" livery. Francis II Rákóczi, (27 March 1676 – 8 April 1735) was a Hungarian nobleman and leader of Rákóczi's War of Independence against the Habsburgs in 1703–1711 as the prince of the Estates Confederated for Liberty of the Kingdom of Hungary. He was also Prince of Transylvania, an Imperial Prince, and a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Today he is considered a national hero in Hungary.

431 098 H-Start

187 931, LTE Logistik- and Transport- GmbH

Now, I'm at railway line 120 Szolnok–Békéscsaba–Lőkösháza
Lőkösháza would be the last station before Romania
Train heading towards Békéscsaba

240 009, Škoda 47E
Škoda 47E is a pure 25kV 50Hz locomotive, thus it is possible to use in Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania

This train is coming from Romania
I'm surprised it is stopping here
Former Voralpen Express wagons from Switzerland are now used in Hungary

I had a chance to ride on one of these wagons in Switzerland, they were very comfortable
There are some Romanian wagons on this train too
Looks like a long journey for this train

1116 072 "Bodensee"

Electroputere LE 5100 is a relative with Swedish SJ Rb
400 704, 400 795, and 600 734

Another Škoda 47E
240 073 is the one I saw the other day in Szar

Near the station, there are mice

193 206, TXL - TX Logistik AG


Not many trains from this station

At Szajol, there are more trains
610 002 is the first generation of Softronic Transmontana, operated by Magyar Magánvasút ZRt. (MMV)

Here the trains arrive either from Szolnok–Békéscsaba–Lőkösháza railway line (to the right) or Szolnok–Debrecen–Nyíregyháza–Záhony railway line (to the left)
This train is thus arriving from Debrecen, and it is the same I saw earlier today

601656-7 is a CFR Class 60 (DA)

Rail Cargo Hungaria

Passenger train left for Romania
242 556

185 611, Railtraxx BVBA

There is also a non-electrified line from Szajol - Szolnok–Hódmezővásárhely–Makó, line 130
This diesel rail car will be heading along line 130
Bf Altenburg

TXL Cargo train coming from Romania

Each wagon has a message

Going back to Budapest, it is sunny again