Saturday, July 4, 2015

Germany: Heidelberg and Frankfurt

Back to Frankfurt station. Today the trip goes to Heidelberg.
 At Frankfurt station, the trains are arriving and leaving every minute. Here is ICE-T train.
 This one is ICE-1 which is the first series of german high speed train. This train started its operation 1991 and the top speed is 250km/h.
 In Heidelberg Altstadt (old town) station.
 This is series 424/425 train used for S-Bahn and DB Regio and manufactured by a consortium of Siemens and Bombardier. This train can be seen almost all over Germany.
 Heidelberg Karlstor is another name for Heidelberg Altstadt. The railway station building is now used as a theatre.
 The town seen from Heidelberg Castle.
 Heidelberg Castle.

 From the castle, there is a funicular railway up to Königstuhl, 567m above sea level.
 The view is breathtaking.

 Back to Frankfurt, taking Intercity train.
 Approaching Frankfurt.

 French high speed TGV duplex train is at Frankfurt. Operating a service to Paris.

 From the beginning there were 3 stations in Frankfurt but it was decided to build a new one that would replace the 3.
 The main station was opened 1888.
 The old Frankfurt opera house in the background. Basically the railway station and opera house are the few important buildings restored after WW2 in Frankfurt.
The most familiar view of Frankfurt includes its sky scrapes. 

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