Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Netherlands to Belgium: Antwerpen and Rotterdam

At Rotterdam station, there are 2 ways to get to Antwerpen, by Thalys or by Intercity Brussels.
 The Thalys train is more expensive and requires a seat reservation.

 Intercity Brussels does not require a seat reservation, is cheaper, but takes more time.

 Roosendaal station, the last stop in Netherlands.
 Inside the Intercity Brussels coach.
 Approaching Antwerpen.
 The Antwerp central station is originally from 1905, but in 1998 it was transformed from a terminus to a through station. This was made by constructing a tunnel under the main station hall.

 Intercity Brussels is continuing further to Brussels.
 The station has now 3 railway levels.

 The Thalys trains are using the lowest level.

 The upper level, and the main station hall.

 Le Royal Cafe at the station.

 Nearby there is a zoo, one of oldest in the world.

 SNCB Siemens Desiro ML train, the newest train type in Belgium, delivered 2012.
 Thalys trains meets here, one to Paris, the other one to Amsterdam.

 Back to Rotterdam, by Intercity Brussels train.
 Parallel to the old railway, there is high speed line.
 In Rotterdam, just next to the train station there is a model railway exhibition "Mini World".
 Same trains can be viewed in small format.
 Also high speed railways are represented.

 Rotterdam Central station.
 The history of Rotterdam before it was destroyed during the WW2.
 The city centre of Rotterdam.

 Unlike other dutch towns, here you can find many sky scrapes.
 The main pedestrian shopping street Lijnbaan.

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