Saturday, August 22, 2015


This post will be very long as it is covering one weekend trip to Malmö and Skåne.
 At Stockholm Central, this Friday afternoon, trains are leaving each minute. Here is MTR Express train driver.

 SL X60 Pendeltåg.
 X2 SJ

 My train will be X2 from Stockholm to Malmö. The 1st class coach was replaced by a 2nd class, due to delayed earlier train, but the number of passengers are same, so there are empty seats at the back of the car.
 Recently SJ has introduced new 1st class food, now it is only cold food, but still tasty.
 Train is not stopping until Alvesta, making the trip as short as 4h9min (compared to regular 4h23min), but due to delays, my trip will be longer than that. It is not a problem for me, since the train journey itself is one of my reasons for this trip.
 Passing by old small stations...
 ...And big ones.
 Here is Linköping.


 Finally, arriving at Malmö Central. Today there is a huge party Malmö Festival, celebrated every year.

 Trains are parked here in Malmö Central.
 Day 2 begins, at the lower level of Malmö Central.
 Citytunnel was opened 2010, and makes now Malmö Central from a terminus to a through station.
 The new station has some art.
 Upper station have 6 terminus platform tracks, while the lower (tunnel) have 4 through platform tracks.
 Lund central station
 Öresundståg is arriving
 It is not possible to buy the ticket on the train, it has to be done in advance.
 Arriving to Landskrona station. The new station opened 2001 at the same time as opening of the upgraded Västkustbanan railway and the bridge between Sweden and Denmark (Öresundsbron).
 Landskrona station is placed outside the city centre.
 Here is a trippel coupled Öresundståg to Göteborg.

 From Landskrona station there is a trolleybus line to the centre. This is the one and only trolleybus line in Sweden.
 The line was introduced 2003 when it was very popular with environment friendly transportation. Unfortunately this type of transport did not became popular elsewhere in Sweden, and this photo is good reason why. My one and only trip ended in a dewirement.
 After some fixing by the driver, the trolleybus went further to the end stop.
 Trolleybuses are manufactured by Polish company Solaris.
 At the end stop there is a ferry line, very popular in the summer.
 The ferry goes to the island Ven.

 The old terminus station in Landskrona is now closed for good.

 Öresundståg, X31
 Interesting details of the wheel
 Another one
 Inside the Öresundståg.
 Going further northwest along the Västkustbanan. The new connection for Hallandsåstunnel will be opened later this year. The project has been very long and tragic, but after many years it will finally reach its end.
 Meanwhile the trains are taking the old and slow route through the Hallandsås horst. Here is a meeting stop at Grevie.
 After opening the tunnel, this part will be closed, so this was my last chance to see it in action.
 The old Båstad station will be closed too soon.

 Here are the tunnels viewed from Båstad.

 The old railway (to the left) is connecting to the new one.
 The new Båstad station is not yet opened, however it is almost completed.
 The station will have 4 tracks, 2 platforms for Öresundståg and the other 2 tracks for high speed trains.

 SJ X55 high speed service Göteborg-Malmö passing here without stopping.
 Going back, passing through beaches of Helsingborg.
 In Lund there are many X62 Pågatåg trains.
 Arriving to Hässleholm. Here it is possible to view the older Pågatåg X11 train (to the right), now used by Krösatåg service Hässleholm-Växjö.

 From Hässleholm there is a new passenger line by Pågatåg operating since 2013. The end stop is Markaryd.
 Inside X62 train.
 In Markaryd the train is passing over E4 highway.
 Markaryd station
 Markarydbanan railway is also used by the cargo trains connecting Västkustbanan and Södra stambanan.
 Despite the trains from Skånetrafiken operates here, the station belongs to another region Kronoberg, hence there are other kind of ticket machines.
 Back to Hässleholm. A Snälltåg service is arriving from Malmö.
 "Mr Potato Head" is the name of this Hectorrail Siemens ES64U2 Eurospinter locomotive also named as Taurus. This locomotive is a common view in Austria.
 Snälltåget is using older coaches, where the doors have to be closed manually. That is what the train crew is doing on this photo.
 Doors are closed, the train is leaving to Stockholm.

 Öresundståg at Hässleholm. From here the service is split up into two, one to Karlskrona the other one to Kalmar.
 Öresundståg may be a comfortable train, but they are very dirty inside.
 Eslöv station.

 Each X62 Pågatåg is named after some local celebrity, here is a fictional character created by Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell.
 In Lund, trains are waiting for each other to approach the station.

 Since 2014 some of the Öresundståg are painted in funny shapes and colours. Here is the art train.
 Here is the rainbow pride train.

 In Hjärup, it is possible to view a mockup housing estate Jakriborg.

 Swedish humour when at its best.
 SAS long distance plane from Kastrup airport is flying to Asia.

 In Lund it is possible to take a beer just next to the platform.

 Arriving to Glumslöv station. This station was opened 2001 at the time of the opening of new part of Västkustbanan railway.

 Glumslöv heights are about 100m and are offering a spectacular view of the Öresund area.

 Öresund bridge and Landskrona.

 Back to Malmö visitng the area Seved. This was one of the depressing areas in Malmö, but after some artist could paint facades of some houses here, it has become an art area.

 Maybe it will not solve all the problems in this area, but it may point the right direction.

 At the end, visiting the closed station of Persborg. After opening of the Citytunnel, no more passenger trains are stopping here.
 The station is however still accessible.

 The museum of modern art in Malmö.
 Railway station and Turning Torso tower.