Friday, January 31, 2020

Vadsbro, Hälleforsnäs, Mölnbo

Today I'm visiting a few places around the Södermanland region.
First, I'm at Vadsbro station
The railway between Oxelösund and Flen is operated only with few freight trains to and from SSAB facilities.

I'm waiting for daily train 9130 and here it is
Re1438 with the train 9130 from Oxelösund to Borlänge

From Vadsbro I'm moving on to Hälleforsnäs, by car.
Hälleforsnäs is located on the same railway, but here there are passenger services between Eskilstuna and Flen.
I can spot the same train 9130 here as well

Train to Sala
X12 3194
Train to Linköping, an X50 9001

Train 9551 from Nykvarn to Verkerum

Rc4 1278
Rc4 1254
This train is transporting biofuel to Nykvarn terminal operated by Söderenergi

Mölnbo station located at Västra stambanan
X60 train operated the line between Södertälje and Gnesta

SJ Regional train to Hallsberg

SJ Intercity to Gävle

Train 4465 from Jordbro to Hallsberg

Rc4 1142

SJ Intercity train 200 from Malmö to Stockholm
Rc6 1343
Snälltåget from Malmö to Stockholm

Vectron 193 254

The ticket has to be validated at this machine before boarding the train
Last but not least - a visit to the former station of Hölö