Saturday, June 27, 2020

Boxholm, Tranås, Sävsjö, Aneby

This weekend I'm visiting Jönköping county and the stations of Boxholm, Sävsjö, and Aneby.
 On Friday afternoon I'm taking the commuter train from Helenelund station to Flemingsberg. This is due to that the railway between Stockholm Central and Stockholm Södra is closed all summer due to the construction of a new railway bridge.
 X60 is the train operated by SL in the Stockholm region. This one is a service between Uppsala and Södertälje.
 At Flemingsberg station, passengers can change to Regional and long-distance trains. Some long-distance trains are also re-routed to depart/arrive at Stockholm Södra and Södertälje Hamn stations.
 ER1 (Stadler Dosto) is the new regional train type in the Mälardalen region.
 ER1 and X40 double deck regional trains
 I'm taking this X2 train today

 On the following day, I'm visiting some stations along the Southern Main line. Here is Boxholm, which is actually located in Östergötland county
 Krösatåg service is operating in Jönköping county, but it has to go all the way to Boxholm in order to change the train direction. The last stop for this service is in Tranås, so there are no passengers onboard between Tranås and Boxholm.
 Train 4431 from Älvsjö to Älmjult

 Rc4 1275
 If I understand correctly this is a container train with cargo from IKEA, replacing the road trucks between the IKEA warehouse in Älmhult and Torsvik (near Jönköping) and Stockholm area.

 At Tranås, I can spot train 5613 from Hallsberg to Malmö

 Rd2 1098

 Tranås station
 Train 62197 from Rosersberg to Lübeck

 185 335 Traxx F140 AC2
 There should be about 200 locomotives of this type for DB, named as DB Class 185.2

 I'm moving on to Sävsjö, where I am supposed to spot a Hector Rail train from Falköping to Krefeld Uerdingen
 What I can see is another Hector Rail train, which is most probably the 3rd Hector Rail international service between Krefeld and Gamlarp (outside Nässjö).
 I can't really see the number of the train on my map, but it must be due to a heavy delay, almost 24 hours
 This is also a Traxx F140 AC2 locomotive, Hector Rail has 10 locomotives of this type. This one is a 241 012 "Chewbacca".
 Later, I could read on social media (Facebook group of Hectorrail pictures) that the train got stuck in Vislanda due to a break of the overhead line caused by this train.

 Krösatåg operates the line Växjö-Jönköping here
 X14 3236
 Here it is, train 41011 from Falköping to Germany

 241 003 "Organa"

 X2 train at Aneby

 Snälltåget at Aneby

 Train 44983 Hallsberg-Trelleborg
 185 331

 Train 19014 Kil-Borlänge passing by in Svartå
 4 locomotives is an ususual sight
 Rd2 1081, 1111 and transportation of Rd2 1107, Rc4 1280

 Train 66940 Sävenäs-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1268 and X2

 Rc4 1195
 Rd2 1135

 In the end, some summer photos