Sunday, August 26, 2018

Älmhult, Nässjö, Tranås

This time I decided that my trip back from Malmö to Stockholm would go with several regional trains instead of one high speed train.
First I'm taking Öresundståget from Malmö to Hässleholm.

Due to the railway works, the road between Hässleholm and Osby was closed, so I had to take a replacement bus.
This X31 train continues to Karlskrona
Replacement bus is waiting on the other side of the station

Passengers travelling with high speed trains got off in Osby, for other passengers the last bus stop was in Älmhult.

From Älmhult I'm taking Krösatåget to Alvesta. In the case without railroad works, this train would depart from Hässleholm.
X11 3175

Two Krösatåg trains

SJ Regional kust till kust, from Kalmar to Göteborg
Rc6 1347

The old courthouse

Minutes after taking this picture I could see Swedish prime minister and his staff arriving to Alvesta by train. It's just some weeks before the election and it's important to visit different parts of Sweden.
X14 3233 is my next train from Alvesta to Nässjö

Sunny weather switched to heavy rain

Nationalist party is present here in Nässjö. They got 22,91% of the votes here in Nässjö, which is higher than the overall number.

Monument for the Swedish people emigrating to USA during the beginning of the last century. Something to remember for all who votes for the nationalist party today.


After the rain, I'm visiting the railway museum in Nässjö

This museum is organised by Nässjö railway association - Lokstallet

Rc4P 1291 with a post train

Y1 1299 at the museum
The museum has many old coaches, which are occasionally used for heritage trips
AB3K coach with 1st and 2nd class


City hall

My third Krösatåg train today is this X14 3236. Unfortunately the waiting time both in Alvesta and Nässjö is long so the option of travelling from Malmö to Stockholm with local trains is taking a lot of time.

Leaving Nässjö, here is a Traxx locomotive from Hectorrail




Snälltåget passing by in Tranås

Underground art

Statue of local painter


Statue of Ove Fundin

Time for a beer

Next is X61 Östgötapendeln


From Mjölby, another X61 to Linköping



My last train today is this X40 from Linköping to Stockholm