Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today I'm travelling to Kronoberg, one of 26 counties in Sweden which by the way are planned to reduce to 6. The capital is Växjö.
 First I'm taking X2 train, service Stockholm-Copenhagen.
 SJ revealed recently the plan for refurbishment of its 33 X2 sets which will increase seat capacity by 15%.
 Morning train (departing before 9AM) includes at seat breakfast serving in 1st class.

 I'm getting of in Alvesta. In Alvesta Södra Stambanan (south main railway) meets Kust-till-kust (coast to coast railway).
 The train continues to Copenhagen.
 One of 2 Eurosprinter locomotives from Hectorrail.
 ES64F4 is equipped for all 4 electric systems used in Europe, so this train is probably coming from Germany through Denmark.
 Alvesta is the closest place from Stockholm where Öresundståg can be viewed.
 X31K is arriving here from Denmark for further trip to Kalmar.
 Inside Öresundståg, 1st class.
 Krösatåg X14
X31K train, "K" stands for Köpenhamn and means that the trains support danish ATC (Automatic Train Control) as well as 25kV 50Hz electrical system. X2K is the version for X2000 train. German ICE-TD supports both german and danish ATC.
 The old train station from is 1865. The newer travel centre is just next to the old one.
 Bus to Samarkand, a shopping mall outside Växjö.

 The project Pågatåg nordost is co-financed by EU.
 Since end of 2013 Krösatåg (train to the left) is operating service Växjö-Hässleholm. To the right is SJ Regional train Göteborg-Kalmar.
 From the old coach of SJ Regional, the view from the back of the train.

 The next stop from Växjö is Hovmantorp. Both SJ Regional and Öresundståg makes a stop here.
 Train is continuing to Kalmar.

 Blåsippa flower (symbol for one of the political parties in Sweden).

 Church in Hovmantorp

 Ticket machine

 Back to Växjö.

 Krösatåg is using older X11 EMU's from Pågatåg (Skånetrafik).
 Operated by Transdev (former Veolia).
 X11 trains for Krösatåg have been refurbished between 2013-2015
 Each train has a name of some local celebrity, here is the magician Joe Labero
The map of trains in Kronoberg region. Purple are the Krösatåg lines, grey is SJ, blue is Öresundståg.
 Krösatåg has also overtaken X14 trains from Östgötapendeln. Here is one meeting in Gemla.
 Gemla station closed 1989, but re-opened in 2013 for the new Krösatåg line.
 Vislanda station was also re-opened 2013.
 Krösatåg line continues to Hässleholm.

 Back to Alvesta. Kust-till-kust railway to the right.

One of the shops in Alvesta
 Another one
 Everything you need in one building

 Many cargo trains are passing here. Crew is changed.

 Track 1 can be used both for passengers (platform to the left) and for post trains (platform to the right).

The last train for me today, X2 back to Stockholm.