Saturday, May 18, 2013

Norrköping, Hallsberg

2017-12-05: Sorting my old photos, this was one my first round trips by train in Sweden. On a warm May day I took a train from Stockholm to Norrköping, then to Mjölby, Hallsberg and back to Stockholm.

 M06 Bombardier Flexity Classic tram in Norrköping
 Matteus church


 Norra promenaden street
 Motala ström river
 Statue of Moa Martinson
 The town is famous for its textile industries

 Statue of Carl XIV Johan
 Railway station
 I'm taking this Östgötapendeln train to Mjölby

 Snälltåget passing by


 From Mjölby I'm taking Tåg i Bergslagen train to Hallsberg, here passing by Skänninge.

 New bridge for road 50, still under construction


 1st class section of X51 train

 X51 at Hallsberg station
 Ticket machine of Länstrafiken Örebro, today these are replaced with new ones


 I'm now taking SJ Regional back to Stockholm