Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Töreboda, Stenstorp, Sandhem, Tidaholm

Today is 30th of December and the year is almost finished. I will be visiting the town of Sandhem, located at Jönköpingsbanan which I'm not visiting very often.
The first stop is at Töreboda
Train 9364 to Eskilstuna
Rd2 1105

Train 5560 to Hallsberg
Rc4 1302

At Stenstorp, I'm stopping by to spot some passenger trains
X50 3296

X52 9035


Train 17967 to Falköping
241 008 "Galore"

CFL Cargo 49520 to Avesta Krylbo
Rc4 1144

CFL Cargo train stopped here to let the faster MTRX train pass by

I have arrived at Sandhem station - one of the smaller stops at Jönköpingbanan
X53 3267
Jönköpingsbanan has only a single track, the two Västtrafik trains meet here on the route Falköping-Nässjö

There are around 700 inhabitants here in Sandhem, but the trains services are rather frequent (once per hour during weekdays)

Apart from the Västtåg services, there are also freight traffic on the line
CFL Cargo train 49543 from Gamlarp to Göteborg
Rc4 1159 (Note the microwave oven inside the cabin)
Rc4 1159 belongs to Nordic Re-Finance and it is hired to CFL Cargo

Hector Rail 41103 from Falköping to Gamlarp

It is the same locomotive I saw earlier at Stenstorp, 241 008 "Galore"

Local cat

Hector Rail 41107 from Gamlarp to Falköping

After visiting Sandhem I'm heading to the nearby town of Tidaholm
Tidaholm is almost 10 times larger than Sandhem but there is no railway here anymore. The old railway station is not a bus station.
The railway was used for the transports to Vulcan match factory. The last passenger train went from here in 1970 while the railway was still used for freight trains until 1989.

Gamla torget

Vulcan island

A short stop at Skövde
Train 9411

On the last day of the year, I caught a mouse in the summer house. 2020 was the year of the rat/mouse according to the Chinese calendar, so here it is on the last day of the year

After having some cheese and being photographed, the mouse was released and no one was hurt