Wednesday, July 15, 2015

North of Sweden: Botniabanan

Day 2 is starting in Umeå, today time to explore the newest and most modern railway in Sweden: Botniabanan.
Umeå station.
Norrtåg company operating up here, using among others X52 train
And X62
X62 is operating on Botniabanan between Umeå and Sundsvall.
One of the stops is Nordmaling
Platform are long enough to receive the night train to Kiruna.
Local art at the station.

Botniabanan is the only ERTMS railway in Sweden. Thus there are no traffic light signals. On the official ERTMS FAQ page the answer to question "Is it really possible to take away the track-side light signals?" is:  "Signals are no longer needed because there are other means for controlling the trains' speed and position. We can even say that ERTMS is safer as light signals at the speed of 350 km/h cannot be safely interpreted."

Block marker to the left of the train, where ERTMS Level 2 cab signalling is in operation. Permission to pass this marker is presented to the driver in the form of a movement authority displayed inside the cab.
Örnsköldsvik got 2 new stations with opening of Botniabanan, here is the Örnsköldsvik Norra.

X62 train in Örnsköldsvik

The poster describing all the advantages with opening of the new railway.
Örnsköldsvik Central station.

Very few cargo trains are using Botniabanan, as the upgrading of the locomotives to ERTMS standard is still very costly. Most of them are still using the old Norra stambanan which runs more inside the country.
X55 arriving at Örnsköldsvik.

At Hörnefors station, local animals are represented in this art form.
Hörnefors was the place where the main battle of the Finnish War 1809 took place between Sweden and Russia. As a result of this war, Sweden lost Finland to Russia.

The historic place is now occupied by the sheeps.
Hörnefors station platform is right above Hörnån river.
More art

Umeå Östra is the second stop in Umeå.
The old X11 train from Skånetrafiken is now operating here in the north. The line Umeå - Vännäs is used by this train.
Umeå Gammlia is a cultural museum focusing on local cultural history.
Umeå is also called, the birch tree city.


  1. Sorry but Botniabanan (ETCS2) is not the only ERTMS track in Sweden. Western Dalarna track (ETCS3) has been around since 2012. However, Botnia is the only ERTMS track with a passenger service because of the expense to upgrade the passenger engines and the track itself (to increase max speed possible).

    1. In case you speak Swedish: Tack för din rättelse! Jag har nog i någon av mina inlägg om Västerdalsbanan nämnt ERTMS. Tyvärr finns det en del
      fel i äldre inlägg då jag inte orkat korrigera de ännu så här många år efter att de publicerats, ska nog ta tag i det nån dag. Försöker dock vara så korrekt det går i alla nya inlägg.