Sunday, February 19, 2023

Slovenia part - 5

On the last day before I'm leaving Slovenia, I will visit more stations along the Südbahn
Jevnica station, to the east of Ljubljana
541 016 "Albert Einstein"
541 016 has a country package: SZ, D, A

Pendolino on the way to Maribor

Euronight 416 from Stuttgart/Zürich to Zagreb
1216 145
Sleeped and couchette cars from HZPP

Regional train to Koper

541 106

312 135

1293 042 and 1293 079

Wagon céréalier Coopagri Bretagne.

541 006

Tank cars from BDZ Cargo Bulgaria

363 038

363 024
At Litija station I can spot this MV Citadella with 669 119
SZ 664, is an EMD G26 (General Motors Diesel)
Due to a rescue operation at Zidani Most where a transformer wagon has been derailed recently, the operation for a few hours on the line here are done with diesel tractions

JŽ 50-060 (formerly MÁV 376.227), The locomotive was produced in 1912 by Magyar Államvasutak Gépgyára Budapest, serial number: 2806. Its initial label was MÁV 376.227. 

Luckily, SZ has also purchased diesel-electric units from Stadler, Class 610

And it looks like the rescue operation is completed, the line is shortly open for electric locomotives
363 015

193 669 with Tailwind containers

Wagons from Touax rail 
Leased to Adria transport
Maintenance vehicle on the way
Sava station

Train with direction Koper is parked here
Wagons from Metrans, Prague

664 119 is back, now with Eurocity 151 Emona

Tailwind (aka Lidl) is now passing by Sava

363 014

S.C. Automobile Dacia S.A.
Reconstruction of the Zagorje station is on the way, I'll visit it another time

Some of the old bridges crossing the Sava river

Jevnica once again
541 110
1293 075
Double deck Stadler Kiss SŽ class 313/318

Laze station

Time for a beer after trainspotting, and a very nice one from Stazione Parenzana brewery
A short evening walk through Ljubljana

Trainspotting at Ljubljana station

Morning birds are enjoying their breakfast

Before leaving Ljubljana I make one more stop at Tivoli station
193 953, InRail S.p.A.

541 106 and 541 003

Rijeka train

664 104 and 363 025

363 005 is the only Class 363 painted with the original yellow livery

More trains at Dolgi Most

Time to fly back