Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Germany: Nuremberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Nuremberg is the northern town in Bavaria, and an important railway hub. There is also a railway museum "DB museum" about the history of railways in Germany. The first railway in Germany was built between Nuremberg and a nearby town Fürth.
 Here is a typical DB Regional train.
My trip is going to Rothenburg. First I will take DB Intercity train to Ansbach.
 In Ansbach changing trains from Intercity (to the left) to Regional (to the right).
 A second change is in town Steinach. Here the change is to the non-electrified railway and diesel car.
 Alstom Coradia Lint train.
 Here is the end stop: Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
 It is a medieval well preserved town which attracts many tourists.
 It is part of the Romantic road through south Germany.
 If you are there, visit the huge Christmas decorations shop Käthe Wohlfahrt, it is worth seeing.
 One of the most photographed place in town.

 Railway station in Rothenburg.
 The train is ready to leave.
 Back in Steinach for change of train.
 The DB Regional is arriving. Please note the solar power farm in the background. Together with wind power stations the renewable energy facilities seems to be everywhere when travelling by train in Germany.
 This train is also from Alstom, and called Coradia Lirex, also named Coradia Continental.
 Coradia Continental is a derived model from Coradia Nordic, which can be seen in many places in Sweden, also known as X60-X62. For example in Stockholm area as commuter train "Pendeltåg".
 The last change is in Ansbach. Before Intercity is arriving, an ICE-T train is passing by.
 ICE-T stands for Intercity Express and the Tilted version.
Finally the Intercity train is arriving.

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