Monday, April 30, 2018

Valborg (Walpurgis)

It's the weekend of Valborg (Walpurgis) and I'm visiting some places in Närke before watching the traditional bonfire.
 First, I'm in Laxå where Värmlandsbanan connects to Västra Stambanan, here is an X55 from Karlstad to Stockholm

 X55 and X2 on Västra Stambanan
 X2 from Stockholm to Göteborg
 X40 and X74

 X40 to Göteborg
 A long night train
 On a level crossing near Laxå, I'm doing something I've done as a child, placing a coin on a railway.

 X2 from Karlstad to Stockholm

 My 1 krona coin after being hit by a X2 train
 An abandoned house in the country

 Visiting same place on the next day, here is X53 from Örebro to Karlstad as train 8919


 Train 4451 from Södertälje hamn to Göteborg Sävenäs

 Rc4 1167

 Train 49601 from Folkesta in Esklistuna to Göteborg Skandiahamnen
 Operated by Tågfrakt
 Rc4 1146 from Nordic Re-Finance

 Unimat 09-4x4 from NRC Group
 It is called turnout tamping machine

 Tågab train 7051 from Stockholm to Karlstad

 Rc3 1062

 The coaches are B1, ABS5, and AB3

 Another Tågab, this time train 7052 from Karlstad to Stockholm

 Rc3 1066, A2K, R2, B5, and B7


 Rc2 010

 Green Cargo train 6604 from Kristinehamn to Hallsberg

 Rm 1259. There are only 6 Rm locomotives, very similar to Rc4, they have smaller wheels giving higher pulling force. Rm locomotives have been used for pulling iron ore train on Malmbanan.

 Near Hasselfors
 As the other Rc2 locomotives, they were once owned by ÖBB in Austria. This one 001, was purchased in 2001 by Banverket (later Infranord), and in 2017 purchased by Tågab
 Both Tågab and Infranord logos can be seen here

 Time for the traditional bonfire
 In Svartå, a heritage vehicle event is arranged on 1st of May