Tuesday, July 14, 2015

North of Sweden: trip to Umeå

Posting some photos from this summer's trip to the north of Sweden. The trip using Norra Stambanan and Malmbanan. 
Starting at Stockholm Centralstation. The new X74 train is not going north, I will cover it in later posts.
My train this day is X55 to Umeå. SJ Snabbtåg (High speed train) to Umeå is the longest service in Sweden, the trip takes 6h 30 min and the distance is 713 km. Compared to TGV trains in France it is a long time for such distance (Paris-Marseille TGV train is covering 800km in 3 hours).
The train is loaded with some food for long distance travellers.
Passing some stations without stopping, here is Tierp.
Ostkustbanan between Uppsala and Gävle is upgraded to keep 200km/h almost all the way, the track between Gävle and Sundsvall is however very slow. Here passing over E4 highway.
The upgraded part at Skutskär is almost ready for deployment.
Arriving late to Umeå, the sun is still up in July.
The last part is going fast, 200km/h at Botniabanan.

Finally, 1h before midnight in Umeå, it is still light.

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