Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hasselfors, Rönneshyttan, Säbylund, Mosås

Today I'm travelling around Närke - visiting my favourite spots.
First train today is 48302 from Kristinehamn to Vislanda
The train is passing by Svartå
Rc2 009

Next stop is Hasselfors

It's the last day of the winter, and the ice is almost gone
Railway bridge over Svartån river
The old bridge leading to Hasselfors station

Train 40131 from Värtan to Arvika

The train has two Rc3 from Hectorrail, 143.054 and 143.060

Historical plaque telling that there was once a store here
Hasselfors station was once located here

Moving on from Värmlandsbanan to Västra Stambanan railways

Near Vretstorp I find this spot
Train 602 from Karlstad to Stockholm
Rc6 1383

SJ Intercity with AB7, B7 and RB7 coaches
Driving over one of the new bridges over "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway near Rönneshyttan

Mariedamm station

Train 8170 Mjölby-Gävle
X51 9007

The station in Mariedamm was demolished in 1974, this house is located near the same place.

"Grillska graven" in Mariedamm

Banvaktstuga "Herrgårdsvägen" - track inspection house will be soon demolished when the new double track railway will be built here.

Lake Skeppsjön

The new double track railway will be located in a tunnel here
At Jakobshyttan I can spot this RRS train 42021 from Luleå to Helsingborg

Rc4 1288 and Rd2 1130

Railway workers
IMV100 measuring vehicle from Infranord is passing by
This is train 72044 from Alvesta to Borlänge

Another Tåg i Bergslagen train, this time with destination Mjölby
Train 8167
Despite sunny weather, there are still snow in some areas

Train 4911 from Umeå to Malmö

Rc4 1150

Railway crossing near Jakobshyttan
Anderstorp banvaktstuga was once located here

Not much left of this house


Recently constructed double track railway

Train 5711 from Borlänge to Malmö

Rc4 1149

Kilsbergen mountain ridge seen from a hill near Hallsberg

"Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" is split into two railways near Hallsberg. The original track was located east of Hallsberg, while the newer track approaching the freight yard was built in 1960.

Skallerud hållplats was once located here

Hallsberg seen from the hill

Sannahed regiment

In the summer there is a military museum here

Kumla church

Former Säbylund station

The railway between Hallsberg and Frövi has many trains this time of the day
Train 5011 from Haparanda to Hallsberg

Rc4 1148 and 1154

Train 8912 Charlottenberg-Örebro
X53 9050

Train 44203 from Bro to Malmö
"Coop" train is operated by TX Logistics
185 675 Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool and TXL


Train 8216 Hallsberg-Lindesberg
Mosås station
Train 8243 Örebro-Laxå

X51 9020

Train 3334 Herrljunga-Örebro
Y31 1418

Train 8174 Mjölby-Gävle

Train 175 Stockholm-Göteborg
X40 3307 and 3336

Train 6672 Köping-Hallsberg

Rd2 1124

Another X40 train, this time with direction Stockholm

Train 6642 Västerås-Hallsberg

Rd2 1031
T44 0337

Train 5540 Sävenäs/Göteborg-Folkesta/Eskilstuna

Rd2 1030

Last but not least - I'm visiting Mosås station

Ice on lake Toften