Saturday, May 26, 2018

Arvika, Charlottenberg

Today I'm travelling to Värmland, and visiting 3 stations along Värmlandsbanan all the way to the border between Sweden and Norway.
First stop is Arvika
I've arrived from Stockholm with X2 train, which continues to Oslo
The station in Arvika opened in 1871 when the railway between Norway and Sweden was completed. At that time, there was a union between two kingdoms, and it lasted until 1905.

Arvika station designed by Adolf W. Edelsvärd, and it is very similar with the stations in Örebro and Norrköping.
Only 86km from Arvika to the town of Kongsvinger in Norway.

Arvika station and Glafsfjorden lake which is the 25th largest in Sweden.
Artscape 2017 project "Wild drawing"
"Nomad Clan"

Train 41649 from Skoghall to Norway
Vectron 193 922 from Hectorrail, it was previously used by SKjB (Blå tåget)


In 1906 the trip Stockholm-Oslo took 10,5h-13h and costed 37SEK in 2nd class. Today the trip takes around 5h and cost from 195SEK in 2nd class.

SJ X2 train has Arvika as the last stop in Sweden, so I'm continuing with regional train operated by Värmlandstrafiken.
X52 9083 train operates the line Karlstad-Charlottenberg

Next stop after Arvika is Åmotfors
Värmlandsbanan railway has a single track, X52 train is waiting here for a delayed X2 train from Oslo.

As I mentioned, the trip Stockholm-Oslo is taking 5h today, there is a project called "Sthlm-Olso 2.55" working on different solutions how to speed up the travel time in order to compete with the flights on this route.

One of the most beautiful stations along this line

"Vita älgen" hotel

From Åmotfors I'm taking a bus to Charlottenberg
Charlottenberg is the last station before reaching Norway. The town is famous for its shopping, many Norwegians are coming here to buy their groceries, since it is cheaper than in Norway.

The line was upgraded in 1998

Train 41932 Arctic Rail Express

The town is named after Charlotta Berg, the wife of the owner of the ironworks here.
There is a bus between Kongsvinger and Charlottenberg operated by Norwegian bus company
X52 9082 arriving from Oslo. Some of the regional Värmlandstrafik trains are crossing the border.

Back to Arvika

"Fågelmannen" by Liss Eriksson

"Konsthallen" art gallery
City park

Route between Arvika and Säffle is called Vikingaleden

Street art painted by 30 teenagers

My train back to Stockholm