Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Karlskrona, Lund

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-30). Sorting my old photos, and now I've reached my summer trip of 2013. This was before I became a big fan of trains, but I will try to find my first train photos from that time. This trip was made by car through much part of south Sweden, including Gotland and Öland.
 This is day 2 in Karlskrona, and before leaving it I'm taking a boat tour. Here is Brändholmen.
 Passing by naval base, which is the only remaining one in Sweden today.
 The shipyard in Karlskrona
 The boat tour is taking me to Kungsholmen fortress, about 5km south of Karlskrona
Kungsholms fort, has defended the entrance to the city in the archipelago since the late 1700 century.
 Rebuilt by King Oscar II
The fort has an unique round harbour, fort museum and botanic park with plants and trees from all over the world.

M/S Stena Alegra operated during short period the route Karlskrona-Gdynia, today this ship is operating services in New Zeeland.
 Round harbour with a gate
 Swedish military planes from a nearby air force base in Ronneby.

The view from the tower

 Inside the museum of the fort

 The boat tour is taking me back to Karlskrona

The boat was full of tourists on this summer day

One of the ships at the Marinmuseum

One of the hotels in Karlskrona

 I'm now leaving Karlskrona for a trip further south...
 Now I'm in Lund
In contrast to Karlskrona which was founded 1690, Lund is much older, it is believed to have been founded around 990.
Lund belonged to Denmark until 1658

Pharmacy Svanen

Lund Cathedral, built circa 1090–1145

Lund University, established 1666, is today one of Scandinavia's largest institutions for education and research.
Lund University main building, built in 1882, drawn by Helgo Zettervall. He was father to Folke Zettervall, who was behind many of the station building in Sweden.

A fountain in Lundagård park

Paradise street

Lund is a very cosy and well preserved town

A fountain inside the Lunds Stift courtyard (Diocese of Lund)

Lund Station, is Sweden's third busiest railway station

Ticket machines for Skånetrafiken

Bicycle parking outside the station
This was my first time visiting Lund station. Here is X31 Öresundståg
Öresundståg are operating normally each 20min, but at this time 2 trains were arriving basically at the same time, most probably due to a delay