Friday, April 30, 2021

Mosås, Svartå

On a cold but sunny Walpurgis eve I'm spotting some trains in Mosås and Svartå
Mosås station near Örebro
Y31 1403 and 1402
Y31 1402 has been repainted with blue livery instead of the old yellow

TX Logistik 44253 Bro-Malmö

185 675

X51 9010
GC 6642 Västerås-Hallsberg
Rd2 1082

Värmlandsbanan railway between Laxå and Karlstad has been closed from time to time during this year, here are some maintenance rail vehicles parked in Svartå

Cats everywhere

Tågab 47022 Vislanda-Kristinehamn
Rc2 008

GC 15834 from Göteborg to Eskilstuna
Rd2 1081

Tågab 47650 Alvesta-Kristinehamn
TMY 103


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Lund, Hjärup, Hässleholm, Örtofta, Östervärn, Malmö

My last day in Skåne and Malmö region for this time
GC 4903 to Malmö in Lund

Rd2 1083

The trams in Lund are finally back in service after an issue with the wheels

The aviary in the city park

I'm back n Hjärup where the construction of the new railway is dividing the town in two halfs

The new part, which looks like the old, is separated from the main part of Hjärup

"What do you want..."

Soon, everything will be much better

Soon means 2023
The old station building in Hjärup

GC 5166 to Hallsberg

Rc4 1151

HR 28532 to Katrineholm
241 006

Messages from the locals

I'm on my way to Hässleholm, to catch up the HR train
My Øresundståg has made it, train 1040 has reached Hässleholm before the HR train

There is full activity here in Hässleholm

GC 66695 to Göteborg Sävenäs
Rd2 1119
GC 64730 to Älmhult

185 334

Something wrong with the switch just south of Hässleholm
GC 4300 from Helsingborg to Skelleftehamn

Rc4 1280

GC 5154 to Göteborg Sävenäs

Rd2 1083
The door button shall be used with an elbow

GC 66695 has switched direction in Finja and is now ready to go to Göteborg

Rd2 1119
X61 in Örtofta

TXL 26322 to Folkesta

185 408

GC 46250 to Älmhult
Rc4 1161


Örtofta farm
GC 4168

Rd2 1128 and 185 404

At Östervärn I can spot more trains coming from Trelleborg
TXL 44150 to Folkesta
185 715

CCTV in operation
I've been researching in advance and I know that a CN train shall depart soon from Malmö. Here it is waiting at the freight rail yard in Malmö when I travel to Hjärup once again
CN 63070 to Kornsjø

185 709

It is also possible to take a bus from Hjärup to Malmö

DB 62079 to Trelleborg
185 321 

Plenty of rabbits here in Östervärn

CN 41974 from Trelleborg to Kornsjø

El16 2209 and 2211

Today I'm taking the night train back to Stockholm, so I still have some time before the departure

It's freezing cold today as well, and it's very windy
But the air is clear and it's possible to see all the way to Denmark

Something to choose from here in Malmö

SJ Night train number 2 to Stockholm