Sunday, January 29, 2023

Czechia - part 3

Today I'm traveling east to visit the surroundings of the city of Kolin
Nová Ves u Kolína
Prague – Česká Třebová railway line is the busiest line in the Czech Republic. 

During my shorter visit here, I saw only passenger trains
To the northwest is the station of Veltruby, which I've visited already last year
Here there are much more freight trains
RegioJet Kolin-Usti nad Labem
186 368, LokoTrain s.r.o.

Traxx F140 MS2e with country package D, A, PL, NL, CZ, SK, H

383 052, ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava, s.r.o.

PKN Orlen, commonly known as Orlen, is a Polish multinational oil refiner and petrol retailer headquartered in Płock, Poland. The company's subsidiaries include the main oil and gas companies of the Czech Republic and Lithuania, Unipetrol, and Orlen Lietuva respectively. (Wikipedia)

388 011, ČD Cargo a.s.
Traxx MS3

123 022,  Škoda 57E

365 004, is a EffiLiner 3000, which is a former SNCB Class 12

CZ Loko has rebuilt it
Looks like new now

Lysá nad Labem-Dvorce
193 747, IDS CARGO, a.s.

Once again 383 052

122 016, 

Another Effiliner 3000

It was very cold, so I went back to Prague
And now, some daylight photos from Prague