Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Laxå, Gårdsjö, Mosås

Today I'm continuing visiting railway related placed in Närke.
 Starting with a visit to Hasselfors
 Train 47069 arrived to Hasselfors from Forsbacka (near Gävle) at 08:07.

 Moving on to Laxå
 It's a cold morning and the thin layer of ice can be seen on the railway

 Train 424 from Göteborg

 Train 52023 from Stockholm

 Train 42955 from Storvik to Göteborg and switching to Västra Stambanan train 624 from Oslo to Stockholm.

 Train 15576 from Sävenäs to Borlänge
 Train 91 from Luleå to Göteborg

 Somewhere between Laxå and Finnerödja

 Near Finnerödja

 X40 to Göteborg

 Gårdsjö station

 CFL train 49551 from Örebro to Göteborg Skandiahamnen
 Rc3 1055 from Beacon Rail

 Train 8239 from Örebro to Laxå

 Train 742 from Hallsberg to Stockholm

 Train 40981 from Frövi to Hallsberg