Thursday, February 29, 2024

Höör, Tjörnarp, Sösdala

It's time to explore Sweden once again and catch up with what I've missed
The winter is over, but it will still take about 2 months before the flowers will bloom
I'm heading to Skåne, where they said it will be warm today. The morning train is almost empty, at least in 2 klass lugn wagon
Well, here is something new. Vectron is now approved in Denmark, so the railway companies Green Cargo and TX Logistik, are now using this type of locomotive for services between Sweden and Germany.
There are now 10 Vectrons leased by Green Cargo, 5 from Alpha Trains, and 5 from Akiem. It was two different companies because neither of them had more than 5 Vectrons to rent.
193 408
There has been an upgrade also in Höör, new buildings are now constructed next to the station

Big brother is watching you

Time for some freight
TXL from Germany 
185 408

There has been some flooding in Skåne recently

A very long freight train from Malmö and Germany
Rc4 1252 and 1150

Freight train to Malmö/Trelleborg

HR from either Falköping or Katrineholm

241 008 "Galore"


More trains from Germany
This time operated by DB Cargo Scandinavia
185 403

The old Metro box is now a public library


Post train

241 003 "Organa"


119 008 with Samskip train

185 331 on the way to Germany

Arriving at Hässleholm

Taking Pågatågen Express, a nonstop service between Hässleholm and Älmhult
I've missed this train, but I'll see it in Älmhult

Flooded Skåne


GC train from Gent