Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Luzern, Lindau

On the last day of July I'm leaving Andermatt in Switzerland and take trains to Lindau in Germany.
From Andermatt to Göschenen I'm taking the 3,5km long Schöllenenbahn which was opened in 1917. At Göschenen it is connecting with the Gotthard railway line of the Swiss Federal Railways.

The railway descends from 1436 to 1106m above sea level

Gotthard bahn
Göschenen station

From Göschenen there is a RE train to Erstfeld

Former station of Amsteg-Silenen

RABe 524 Stadler Flirt at Erstfeld
Changing trains here in Erstfeld

Since I'm travelling to Luzern, I had an option of taking a boat from Flüelen - Interrail tickets gives 50% reduction on the boat price. The trip time is 3h, compared with 50min by train.
I decided to continue with the train
Lake Lucerne

Arriving to Luzern
"Lucerne en recul" art installation at the station

Luzern has a trolleybus system since 1941. Here is Hess / Vossloh-Kiepe BGT-N1C


The main tourist attraction in Luzern

Mount Pilatus
The other important tourist attraction here in Luzern is the Lion Monument
The Lion Monument is a rock relief from 1820–21 which commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris.


Back on track
My next train is this train to Zürich

SBB Class Re 460
SBB Class Re620

TGV Lyria near Zürich
Changing to my next train at Zürich
ICN to St.Gallen and a beer in the restaurant

At St.Gallen there is another quick change of trains
S-Bahn St.Gallen train is a Stadler GTW
This train takes me to St. Margrethen, I can already see Bodensee lake
Stadler EC250 "Giruno" is a new high speed EMU which will be operated on the route Basel/Zürich to Milano
The train is currently being tested in Switzerland and Italy

At St. Margrethen there is another change of trains, this time from Swiss to Austrian train
ÖBB Class 4024 Bombardier Talent
This ÖBB Talent is one of the recently refurbished ones in "Cityjet" design


Finally, the last change is at Bregenz
Bregenz is located at Vorarlberg Railway which is the western continuation of the Arlberg Railway

ÖBB Talent train certified for Austria and Germany
My last train is a REX to Lindau, here with ÖBB Class 1016 locomotive and double deck coaches

Lindau seen from Austria

Lindau station
Lindau is a border station, the route to Bludenz in Austria was electrified in 1954 and is still the only electrified line to Lindau.
Harbour entrance in Lindau
Bavarian Lion
The route to my hotel is crossing the railway

The temperature in the lake is really warm

Non electrified railway in Germany requires diesel trains

Old town hall

 Time for dinner, wurst-käse salat.