Saturday, January 29, 2022

Hösbach, Langenprozelten, Wernfeld, Himmelstadt, Thüngersheim, Veitshöchheim

Today I'm in Germany. I will be traveling along Main-Spessart railway between Frankfurt and Würzburg.
Frankfurt Flughafen railway station is connecting the busiest airport in Germany and the 4th busiest in Europe with a long-distance railway network throughout all of Germany.
This station opened in 1999 together with the first real high-speed railway Cologne-Frankfurt (300km/h) in Germany
Main station hall
The station has everything you need including Bavarian food restaurant
Some regional trains are using the long-distance station. Otherwise, there is an S-Bahn station nearby which opened in 1972, it was the first railway station built at an airport in West Germany.
Alstom Coradia Continental at Hösbach station
Inside the train
Later on I will be taking the double deck Twindexx train, here is a photo from inside
This part of the railway is shared between all type of trains

Class 185 Traxx

Class 403 ICE
Class 407 ICE

193 811

More of class 185, both Traxx AC1 and AC2

Langenprozelten, where I have arrived with a Twindexx train. Class 152 is passing by

ES 64 U2 - 034
Wenzel logistics train

Hanover-Würzburg high speed railway is passing by here

Changing trains at Gemünden am Main

193 234, TXL Logistik

193 708, Mercitalia

The locomotive for D, A, CH, I, NL

185 576, Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion mbH

My next train is heading to Bamberg

Main river

185 251

193 536,

193 990, ecco-rail GmbH

Ekol logistics

193 760, ecco-rail GmbH

Nordic Bulkers AB

185 365

Cargo wagons from Sweden

185 610, RTB Cargo

187 139

193 609,

Somebody is living here, the best view but a bit noisy

Heavy train

193 999, RTB Cargo

Györ livery

1293 183

193 264, TX Logistik

"Born to Rail" livery

Finally, I can spot something new (for me)
159 235, MEG - Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH
Eurodual - the new locomotive on european railroads
I've already seen one in Norway (Green Cargo) and two in Germany (BSAS, VTG), and I will see more of them in the coming months

186 423, RTB Cargo

185 596, LTE

193 555, TX Logistik at Thüngersheim
One of the more beautiful locos, and this is the best photo I get

193 857

I think I got a jackpot in terms of the amount of cargo trains today
The line is busy connecting southeast with western and northern Germany

193 241, ecco-rail

185 614, Crossrail


Right next to the station is the Schloss Veitshöchheim 
After seing 100's of trains today, it is time for some culture
This summer palace of the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg was built in 1680–82, and was enlarged to its present appearance in 1753 by Balthasar Neumann. The gardens were redesigned for Prince-Bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim (1755–1779), with lakes and waterworks, and filled with hundreds of allegorical sandstone sculptures from the workshops of the court sculptors Ferdinand Tietz and Johann Peter Wagner. (Wikipedia)

Back to rail
185 574, RTB Cargo

The map of Main-Spessart Express line

From Würzburg to Frankfurt by ICE train

ETR 610 at Frankfurt
The train is used for ECE service Frankfurt-Basel-Milano

2G+ or booster requirement to use restaurants
Boarding my plane to Stockholm (via Copenhagen)