Saturday, January 26, 2019

Kungsör, Arboga and Miniature Kingdom

Today I will visit Miniature Kingdom in Kungsör. Last time I was there was in 2017 and it will be interesting to see the progress.
First some trams from Stockholm - here is A35 CAF Urbos from 2013

A32 Bombardier Flexity Swift

X60 in Årstaberg


Stockholm City station

Rc6 1364 with SJ Regional to Arboga
A7 coach
Same train in Eskilstuna
ER1 is the new EMU from Stadler that will replace the locomotive hauled trains from Stockholm to Arboga/Hallsberg/Norrköping later on during 2019.
Swedish version of Stadler Kiss has 4 coaches and top speed of 200km/h
ER1 is branded as Mälartåg, it is still a question which operator will be used from December 2021 (until then it will be SJ).

SJ Regional at Kungsör
The old factory "Bleckkärlsfabriken"

The entrance to Miniature Kingdom
Since 2017 the model world has increased with famous landmarks of Stockholm - the City hall and the TV tower.




The globe arena in Stockholm

Igelsta bridge in Södertälje
Visitors from Sweden and other countries

Still to cover - Örebro and the south of Sweden

Train 9130 with 185 642 Traxx

The old Kungsör station
Old vending machine

2h later I'm continuing with the next train from Stockholm
After a short trip from Kungsör, I have arrived to last stop for this train - Arboga

Old town in Arboga

Arbogaån river

Sankt Nicolai church from 1100

Train back to Stockholm
Rc6 1353

The old station in Arboga

ER1 again

At last some winter birds on my balcony