Saturday, August 31, 2019

Löcknamon, Vedevåg

On the last day of this summer, I'm visiting some places around Närke region.
 First, the railway "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" and a place near Löcknamon.
 Train 5110 from Malmö to Hallsberg

 Rd2 1103

 Tåg i Bergslagen near Runsala/Dunsjö
 SJ Regional near Säbylund
 Vedevåg, the station house was located to the left here but was destroyed in 2006
 Former TGOJ railway, now it is named Bergslagsbanan
 The line is operated by "Tåg i Bergslagen" line Hallsberg-Borlänge-Gävle.
 X51 9021

 Few km north of Vedevåg I find a spot overlooking Bergslagsbanan when train 9133 is approaching
 Train 9133 Borlänge-Oxelösund
 The train is usually operated with two Traxx locomotives, previously with DB/Green Cargo livery, now with only Green Cargo after the separation of the cooperation between the two companies.
 Traxx F140 AC2 locomotives previously named as 185 XXX, now has a designation Br 5XXX
 Here is Br 5334 and Br 5332

 X52 9017 from "Transitio" - which is a leasing company for most of the regional trains in Sweden.

 Train 9138 in the reverse direction of train 9133, i.e. from Oxelösund to Borlänge
 This time with two Rc4 instead of Traxx locomotives
 Rc4 1303 and 1302

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kiruna, Bjørnfjell, Narvik

Early in the morning on the following day, we are taking a train to Narvik. Later that day the trip goes back to Stockholm.

The hotel we were staying at was a school before.

Due to late arrival on the previous day, the visit in Kiruna was short.
The train "Karven" has returned summer 2019 after a long break. Once it was a popular train between Kiruna and Narvik for passengers bringing alcohol. This service is operating only between July and September. Otherwise, there are not many trains between Kiruna and Narvik. The daily night train and an intercity service operated through the year.

This particular train has 4 coaches, but only 2 of them are open for passengers.

Rc6 1418

IORE lcomotive

The strange statue outside Kiruna
Malmbanan railway is one of the most operated in Sweden, the big part of the trains are the iron ore transports. Hence, it has a high frequency of maintenance - which includes today. So, on the way back from Narvik to Kiruna there will be a replacement bus.


Not many passengers between Kiruna and Abisko


The weather is changing very quick here, for the moment it is sunny.



Gold iron ore car

Abisko Östra

Abisko turiststation

Björkliden station is temporarily closed due to renovation of the platform




Empty at Riksgränsen station
The border between Sweden and Norway in the tunnel

First stop in Norway - Bjørnfjell

There is a longer stop here, so I have time to check the station and the train

Some tourists were taking photos from the tracks which made this conductor tell them that it is not allowed

A monument



One of the most beautiful railways in Scandinavia - Ofotbanen


Hålogaland Bridge - opened in 2018


As I mentioned, the night train to Stockholm is replaced by a bus between Narvik and Kiruna

On the way to the cable car

The cable car has been moved since I visited Narvik last time, it is now located at a higher altitude - which makes it less convenient to reach.

The view is though still the same

If the weather allows...

An unknown person looking into the fog

There is a restaurant on top
With high altitude prices

Arctic train is a new company which will operate trains for tourists
The company will operate with old NSB Class 69 trains

Passengers waiting for the bus
After a longer waiting, and some phone calls to SJ - a bus is arriving

Apparently, the bus driver that was supposed to drive the bus has mixed up days, so another one came instead

The bus driver


The restaurant on the train was serving warm food


Many passengers here in Gällivare


Here in Boden, part of the train continued to Luleå, while the other part was connected with another train arriving from Luleå.

Next morning, arriving at Uppsala

Close to Stockholm
Old locomotive in Hagalund
Heritage train from SKÅJ
The train has arrived to Stockholm on time
Before I finish this post, I will show one unusual train here in Stockholm C. It has the destination of Venice, and it is a charter train organized by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
Coaches are from Euro-Express leasing company
The locomotive is from Hectorrail

An extra locomotive at the rear of the train in case the front one is malfunctioning
241.004 "R2D2" named after robot characher in Star Wars