Saturday, November 24, 2018

Kumla, Frövi, Fagersta

Today's trip goes to Bergslagen
Leaving Stockholm on this cold November morning
Årsta bridge
Igelsta bridge
Car terminal in Södertälje harbour

Intermodal rail terminal in Katrineholm

Compartment in BF7 coach

Sottern lake
BF7 coach
Railway works in Hallsberg

Train 42033
New double track for railway "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" is being constructed here in Hallsberg

X55 and X40



Rc4 1281 and Rd2 1085

Rc6 1382 and SJ Intercity to Oslo
X40 is my next train from Hallsberg to Kumla
X40 in Kumla
Beautiful station in Kumla designed by Folke Zettervall has been closed for 10 years until 2017 when it was re-opened with waiting hall and a cafe

X52 9017
Waiting hall in Kumla

Train 75180 with 3 locomotives
Rc4 1284, Rd2 1077, Re 1427

Train 40980

441.001-3 Cyborg

I'm taking this train from Kumla to Frövi, here is a longer stop in Örebro C

X51 9009

Frövi station
Same Eurosprinter locomotive I saw before in Kumla is now here in Frövi

Frövi station is located along the "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway, while the nearby Öxelösund-Grängesberg railway had its own station - Vanneboda. The only remains left of this station is this roundhouse

Train 9133 from Borlänge
After the separation of the cooperation between Green Cargo and DB Cargo, some Traxx AC2 locomotives have been re-painted with Green Cargo livery and re-numbered as Br XXXX
Here is Br 5405, or 185 405


Eurosprinter is now here in Vanneboda to pick up freight cars

Two railways are crossing each other

Frövi is famous for its paper industry, here is remains of a so called "Yankee dryer"

For the 4th time today, the Eurosprinter "Cyborg" is passing me by

Ikea in Borlänge is paying for your return ticket if something is purchased in the shop

My last longer stop is in Fagersta C (or Västanfors as it was called before 1947)
Train 5761 with Rd2 1121 and Br 5404
Br 5404 is like Br 5405 (that I saw earlier) recently repainted with Green Cargo livery. Previously it was painted red with DB Cargo livery.
Br locomotives are intended to be used for international services through Denmark to Germany

Regina and X14

Västanfors church

Railway bridge over Kratten lake

Train 9052

Free public transport in Fagersta since 1st of April 2018
"Here you get lifetime" is the slogan of Fagersta

My next train to Västerås
X14 3223