Sunday, November 21, 2021

Fermerswalde, Mühlanger

On my 2nd day in Saxony, I'm visiting Węgliniec–Roßlau railway
I'm taking an Intercity train from Dresden to Doberlug-Kirchhain

Doberlug-Kirchain station is a two-level junction station between Berlin-Dresden and Halle-Cottbus railway

The railway is being prepared for the new signaling system ETCS

At Falkenberg I'm changing trains

I'm traveling to Fermerswalde station
I'm the only passenger here, and while I'm making my way out I find out that there is a station guard here, and he is not happy to see me stay at the platform

So, I'm being thrown out
This was a bit surprising, as I have 2 hours before my next train, and there is not much to see here
I have some view from the bridge
The entrance to the station is locked
You have to ring a bell to let the guard open the door
After some discussions in German (which I don't speak), I get inside the station area

I don't really feel welcome feel, the guard's cat is clearly judging me

If not for the guard, this station would be perfect for trainspotting

186 293, Lineas

I'm on my way to the next stop, hopefully no guards and their cats will be there
Mühlanger station

Nobody here

185 601, HSL Logistik GmbH/WFL - Wedler Franz Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

The ‘NightRider’ sticker is created by Mathias Oestreich

Transportation of new Toyota cars

193 338

186 382, Akiem/HSL Logistik GmbH
Prepared for D, A, B, NL

I have a flight to catch, so I'm already leaving Saxony. At Lutherstadt Wittenberg, I'm waiting for a train to Berlin
Fast freight train is passing by

Here it is
Changing to S-Bahn to BER