Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mannheim, Heidelberg

2017-12-07: From Frankfurt I'm taking a tour to Mannheim and Heidelberg. Unfortunately this was a rainy day, so I could not enjoy the beauty of Heidelberg. One year after this trip I've visited Heidelberg again and the weather was much better.
 ICE-T train at Frankfurt
 DB Class 442 (Bombardier Talent 2)
 DB Class 613 (Bombardier Itino), same DMU as Swedish Y31

 DB Class 429 (Stadler Flirt)

 ICE1 train to Mannheim

 Arriving to Mannheim
 The station is second largest hub after Stuttgart.

 Mannheim palace is the second biggest in barock style after Versailles.
 Today it is home for Mannheim University

 From Mannheim I'm taking S-Bahn to Heidelberg, unfortunately here is a heavy rain

 Heidelberg Castle

 Heidelberger Bergbahn funicular

 I'm back in Mannheim. TGV train from Marseille is on the way to Frankfurt

 My train back to Frankfurt

 TGV to Paris

 DB Class 218

 Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

 The skyscrape I've visited day before

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