Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hamburg to Utrecht

(Please note this post was made 2017-04-06). Day 6 of my summer trip to Europe via Göteborg and Malmö. As I mentioned in my earlier posts (beginning of July 2014) I was making two trips to Amsterdam, one by plane, other one by train. This is my train trip from Copenhagen to Amsterdam with a stop in Hamburg.
 I have left Hamburg and now changing trains in Hannover. There is a faster way with two IC trains to Amsterdam, but I choose to take ICE trains and change 2 times, once in Hannover and the other one is Duisburg.
 I was joined by this company of birds while waiting
 I wonder what they are waiting for...
 Passing by trains
 Fascinating way of coupling two trains

 After some rainy trip through Germany, I end up in sunny Utrecht
 Don't ask me how I got this photograph
 Ghost house in Utrecht

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