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Malmö, Ystad

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-14). Day 3 of my summer trip to Europe via Göteborg and Malmö. Today it's time to leave Göteborg and head south to Malmö.
 Last view from my hotel in Göteborg.
 X2, X61, X53, BM73
Blå tåget is ready for departure
 People travelling to Stockholm are taking Blå tåget.
 Blå tåget is one of the privately owned train companies in Sweden. Today's train has 10 coaches.
 My train today is an X2
 The trip is going further to Malmö, passing through several beached along the sea. Here is one in Varberg.
 This one is in Helsingborg
"" is displaying that the speed is 200 km/h during most part of the trip to Malmö.
 The temperature outside is 32 C.
 Almost there, here passing by Hjärup
 After arriving to Malmö, I still have plenty of time that day, so I'm taking a local train to Ystad.
 It takes about 1 hour by train to get to Ystad from Malmö, the trains are running often, so there is no need to check the timetable. Since 2010 the new X61 from Alstom is operated as Pågatåg (commuter train in Skåne). Purple colour is remained from before.
 Pågatåg is continuing to Simrishamn. Another train, one X31 is waiting...
 ...Waiting to leave from Ystad to Copenhagen. DSB is the operator.
 Despite the brand "Öresundståg" this train is leaving directly to Copenhagen without stopping elsewhere in Sweden. The reason is to bring the passengers from Bornholm ferry (from the Danish island of Bornholm).
 Tickets for this train are sold only together with ferry ticket and only through danish DSB service.

Danish flags, danish cafes, danish signs and messages all over Ystad. It is easy to believe that you are in Denmark.
 Train station building is now hosting a bed and breakfast called "Stationen". The building was used as filming location for famous Wallander movies, and why not stay in one of the rooms used in movies.
 Walk of film in Ystad is guiding through filming locations in town.
 And this is the reason for the direct train to Copenhagen. The ferry to Bornholm island which belongs to Denmark. The way through Skåne and Ystad is the fastest way of reaching the island.
 The harbour in Ystad.
 Leonora Christina catamaran is named after daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark.
 The trip Ystad-Rönne takes 1h 20min with this ferry.
 Ystad is a small cosy town with empty streets. The tourists have probably not found this place yet.
 Pågatåg and a sailboat in the background.

 Hard to believe that this place is most famous for Scandinavian noir crime books/movies "Wallander".
Time for lunch
 Main square.
 The architecture is looking rather german/danish than swedish here.
  "A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence" is a new movie from Roy Andersson. This pigeon is sitting on a roof, but i'm sure still reflecting on existence.
 32C was the temperature that day.
  Sankta Maria church in Ystad.
 An airplane passing by
 Horse monument on the main pedestrian street in Ystad. Made by famous sculptor Åke Jönsson
 Closed cafe

 Crime spider

 Nice balcony with sun.
 Another pigeon reflecting on existence

 My train back to Malmö
 The train leaves Ystad, passing by campings...
 ...Fields and the sea.
 The top speed for X61 is 160km/h according to technical characteristics. This one could speed up to 162km/h.
 Arriving to Malmö Triangeln station. Here is an installation with monitoring globes, at the exit.
 The whole station gives a feeling of high tech and science fiction.
 South entrance escalators.

 South entrance hall, close to Skåne University Hospital.
 I'm taking a walk from Triangeln to the beach in Malmö.
 It's an incredible feeling to see Malmö transforming into a Mediterranean sea resort.
 Ribersborgs beach.

 The pier in the Western harbour area, became an outdoor dancehall for a day.
 Turning torso tower
 The bridge is seen from many places.
 Night swimming
 New busses in Malmö, also called Malmöexpressen.
Van Hool ExquiCity, which is a hybrid BRT bus. Electricity is generated by a generator that is coupled to a Euro 6 biogas motor.

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