Friday, July 4, 2014


(Please note this post was made 2017-04-04). Sorting my old photos, and now I've reached my summer trip of 2014. During the July, I've travelled two times to Amsterdam, first by plane, second time by train. In this post I'll cover my flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam.
 The distance of about 800km can be covered with train, taking more than 11h, or a flight taking 1h20min. Today I would probably would choose the first alternative, but back in 2014 I decided to fly. Later in July 2014, I would actually make same trip by train.
 First, some photos from Copenhagen airport Kastrup
 Rolling Stones
 The trip went with this plane
 Taking off from Copenhage

 Descending over the Netherlands

 Amsterdam metro

 Amsterdam airport Schiphol

 Famous roof terrace

 View from my hotel
 Historic photo of V250 train for brand "Fyra", a train that was supposed to operate in the Netherlands, but was returned back to Italian company AnsaldoBreda
 Amsterdam Tram Combino

 NS SGMm Sprinter, from 1975-1983 (Stadsgewestelijk Materieel) and "m" for modernisation performed 2003-2006

 This was my hotel at that day

 I think I can spot a Thalys train
 Church of Saint Nicholas

 Popular tradition around the locals to stroll around in their boats along the canals

 ICE train to/from Germany

 Night is falling over summer Amsterdam

 On the following day I'm visiting Eastern Docklands (Oostelijk Havengebied). Here one can find old warehouses named Europa, Azië, and Africa
 Today the area has been transformed into offices and apartments

 Visiting the public library and the terrace

 This is the largest library in Amsterdam, the Centrale Bibliotheek, which opened 2007 at the Oosterdokseiland, just east of Amsterdam Centraal station
The Amsterdam was an 18th-century cargo ship of the Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie; VOC).
 This a replica of the ship, the original was wrecked in a storm on the English Channel in 1749

 NEMO Science Museum
 The National Maritime Museum (Dutch: Het Scheepvaartmuseum)

 Five star Amstel Hotel
 Bridge over river Amstel
 Visiting Heineken museum (it felt natural after visiting Carlsberg in Copenhagen)

 It's expensive to get parking fines here

 The airport is very close to the city centre

 ICE train which I'm going to take the following day for my trip to Germany

 During summer 2014 it was world cup in football, Netherlands was one of the leaders, but the first prize was won by Germany.

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