Monday, July 28, 2014

Ängelholm, Helsingborg, Malmö

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-14). Day 4 of my summer trip to Europe via Göteborg and Malmö. Today I'm travelling in Skåne region, visiting railway museum in Ängelholm, visiting Helsingborg and Malmö. Just like in Göteborg region, there is a tourist card valid on all busses and trains. Västtrafik Regionen runt card costs 305SEK for 24h, Skånetrafiken - Hela Skåne costs 195SEK for 24h. A bit cheaper, but Skåne is also smaller than Västra Götaland.
Wondering what this is?
 It is my first train of today, Öresundståg X31 from Malmö to Ängelholm. I've just discovered that it is possible to walk through between 2 coupled trains, and actually passing by drivers cabins.
 Passing by Helsingborg, it will be my next stop after Ängelholm.
 No, it's not Italy. It is July 2014 - the warmest summer ever in Sweden.
 Skåne runt card is valid on all Pågatåg and Öresundståg without any restrictions.
 Here I am arriving to Ängelholm.
 Back in 2014 it was the end station for Pågatåg (to the left), today they continue to Halmstad. Öresundståg is going all the way to Göteborg.
 Current station is from 1885
 Station viewed from the town side
 Railway museum in Ängelholm was owned until 2012 by Trafikverket, today it is owned by Ängelholm municipality. Here is John Ericsson, the "father" of railways in Sweden.
 Museum has a model railway
 F1200 steam locomotive from 1914

 Railway school is located near the museum
 Back to the station, here they have a ticket counter, which is a rare view nowadays.
 I'm taking Öresundståg to Helsingborg.
 Underground station in Helsingborg
 Helsingborg station was a terminus until 1991, when the north connection towards Göteborg was built.
 Unfortunately a single track railway was built, which is not enough anymore, so there are plans to built a new double track tunnel north bound (project is called Tågaborgstunneln).
 Once the new tunnel will be built, this beautiful view when arriving/departing by train to Helsingborg from the north will be gone.

 Öresund strait is one of the worlds busiest waterways in the world.

 X2 is arriving to Helsingborg from the north

 The tunnel starts right here

I'm leaving Helsingborg by Pågatåg. It's hot and I have to drink a lot of water. It is funny to drink Ramlösa water, while passing by Ramlösa station just outside Helsingborg. My 24h ticket is viewed here too.
 Passing over E6 highway
 Pågatåg train from Helsingborg is taking a longer route to Malmö, via Rååbanan instead of the faster Västkustbanan. Here near Teckomatorp, Rååbanan meets Lommabanan which is used only by freight trains.
 A freight train is heading north by Söderåsbanan.
 Teckomatorp - famous for a toxic spill scandal during the 1970s, caused by BT Kemi plant. The cleanup efforts were made since the closure in 1979 and until 2009.
Teckomatorp station from 1885.
Since December 11th 2016, Pågatåg trains are also operating Marieholmsbanan railway between Teckomatorp and Eslöv. My train, back in 2014, continues to Kävlinge.
Kävlinge station, located on a junction of Västkustbanan and Lommabanan.

I'm back in Malmö.

Kronprinsen block

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