Friday, July 25, 2014

Stockholm to Göteborg

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-13). Sorting my old photos, and now I've reached the hot summer of 2014 (actually the warmest ever). After returning back from Germany in the middle of July, I've started a new trip towards Europe at the end of July. I've decided to travel through Göteborg and Malmö, staying in each town couple of days to be able to see some surroundings. This was one of my first longer train trips, and it was exciting to that in such extreme weather condition.
 I'm leaving Stockholm Friday afternoon, it's rush hour, and I remember that the was delayed to due the late turnaround. Here is Stockholm Waterfront building in the background, while I'm waiting for my train at Stockholm Central.
 City hall with three crowns.
 X2 and X40 trains are leaving south (Malmö and Eskilstuna).
 South parts of Stockholm (Södermalm) can be viewed from the platforms of central station.
 Malmö train is leaving.
 Finally I've departed. Here passing by Flemingsberg.
 July 2014 was the warmest month ever measured in Sweden. It's incredible to view Swedish landscape in such weather condition, feels like I'm in south of Europe suddenly.

 Train to Göteborg is passing through Svealand and Götaland parts of Sweden.
 The harvest
 Lake Aspen

 Approaching Göteborg 3 hours later. The new motorway Partihallsförbindelesen opened 2011.
View from my hotel, which was inside the train station building.

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