Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Copenhagen to Hamburg

(Please note this post was made 2017-04-05). Day 5 of my summer trip to Europe via Göteborg and Malmö. As I mentioned in my earlier posts (beginning of July 2014) I was making two trips to Amsterdam, one by plane, other one by train. This is my train trip from Copenhagen to Amsterdam with a stop in Hamburg.
 I'm leaving Malmö, for a change of trains in Copenhagen.

 X31 from Malmö
 This time it will be ICE-TD train

 This train has a DSB logo at the front
 The train has been in service on this route from 2007, and it seems that the 2017 will be the last year.
 Back in 2014, X2 trains from Sweden were using the regular platforms, and actually continued all the way to Østerport

 IC4 train at Næstved

 Bridge in Vordingborg
 Storstrøm Bridge

 Twindexx double deck coach (Litra ABs)
 Time to enter the ferry

 ICE-TD train at the ferry
 Later on I am in Hamburg


 City hall (Rathaus)

 Hochbahn station Rödingsmarkt
 The train is basically diving under ground

 Back in 2014 I had no idea what this structure was, today I know that it is the famous Elbphilharmonie

 Old harbour warehouses, in one of them is my next destination
 Miniatur Wunderland - That is the reason why i decided to stop one day in Hamburg
 It is the largest model railway installation in the world
 Here is Switzerland hall

 Day and night are shifting

 If not for these people, it would be difficult to tell the difference from a real airport.

 Germany hall

 Control centre

 ICE1 train
 ICE3 train
 Also boats are represented here, with real water

 Scandinavia hall

 Arctic Circle Express

 NSB Regionstog
 IORE train

 After dramatic and warm July, the clouds are returning back
 MS Amadea

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