Friday, July 23, 2021

Viby Sjælland, Hedehusene, Ørestad

So, finally, this day has arrived. I'm starting my annual summer Interrail trip - today I'm taking a night train to Malmö. Later on, I will be taking the "new" overnight train to Germany.
Leaving my home in the evening
New metro car is taking me to central station

This time of the day, freight trains are passing by Central station in Stockholm

3 different night trains are departing this time of the day, SJ to Duved/Umeå, Vy to Luleå and another SJ to Malmö
SJ Rc6 1403

1st class compartment with private WC/shower
Passing through Södertälje
Following morning arriving in Malmö

When traveling with 1st class night train, breakfast is included in nearby Scandic hotel
I've crossed the bridge for a visit Denmark, I will return to Malmö later today for my night train to Germany
I'm taking a local train to Viby Sjælland station
Vectron locomotives are now operated in Denmark, in push-pull double deck trains

DBCS 36725 from Malmö to Hamburg

Vectron locomotive in Denmark has got designation EB, the plan is that they will be replacing the old EA locomotives, at the same time as more railways in Denmark will become electrified. Later on Vectron's will also be used for international Talgo trains to/from Germany, replacing IC3

ME locomotives are still in use, as long as there are unelectrified lines

Viby Sjælland station opened in 1859 

IC3/IR4 trains operate the line as Intercity trains
DBCS 9224 from Fredericia to Høje Taastrup with Carlsberg wagons

Vestbanen railway is a very busy one with all kind of trains

Another EG locomotive

MZ 1453

Hedehusene station

During Covid, it is required to book seat reservations on all trains in Denmark. They are for free and can be booked in the app.


At Copenhagen central station, I'm having some lunch
X31 train at Ørestad station

GC 36958 Kolding-Malmö
185 405


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