Friday, July 30, 2021

Port Bou, Barcelona

Waking up in the morning on my way to Port Bou

Traveling on the Bordeaux-St-Jean to Sète-Ville railway which opened in 1858


It is possible to purchase breakfast on board and eat it in the compartment

Shortly before Narbonne, the train is switching to Narbonne-Port Bou railway without stopping at Narbonne station


I think it's a beaver
Plage Port La Nouvelle

Salses Fortress
Le train rouge at Rivesaltes station
Aéroport Sud de France Perpignan


The last part of the line is the most scenic

Arriving at Cerbere station - the last stop in France

The train continues to the 1064m long tunnel (Tunnel des Balitres)

Trains from Spain continue to Cerbere according to an agreement
Port Bou

French regional train leaving Port Bou

From Port Bou there are Regional trains to Barcelona. 

Renfe Class 253 locomotives
The night train is leaving Port Bou and heading back to Cerbere

I'm waiting for a more comfortable Media Distancia train, so I have time to visit the town

Nice beach in Port Bou

Time for a coffee at the beach cafe

Perfect temperature

MD train to Barcelona


Local animals

Visiting Moritz bar
And celebrating my birthday in a restaurant


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