Monday, July 26, 2021

Steinach in Tirol, St Jodok

   When I wake up in the morning, the train is at Munich main station
Since Munchen Hbf is a terminus station, the train has to change direction before continuing to Austria. This usually takes time, so it's possible to take a walk at the platform.
Other trains to Austria is also present at Munich station
Our trains got some wagons from Hamburg, including the car wagons
Car trains are not that usual anymore, but it is a great idea if you want to bring your car while you are sleeping on the night train 
Another locomotive will haul the train until Innsbruck
ÖBB Class 1216, Siemens ES64U4

Now I got use of the key, while I was walking outside
Hopefully, this day will be a "happy day"...
When taking the route out of Munich, I can spot locomotives used for transportation between Germany and Italy


Last stop for this night train - Innsbruck

Nightjet 421 Amsterdam-Innsbruck

I have time to visit the lounge for a cup of coffee
From Innsbruck, I'm taking the local train to Brennero, with stops on my way in Steinach in Tirol and St Jodok
Inside the refurbished ÖBB 4024, Bombardier Talent

Brenner railway is my destination today
There is not much alternatives to cross the Alps in north/south direction, so Brenner railway together with the nearby highway is one of the most important passages
Arriving to Steinach in Tirol station
Tyrol (historically the Tyrole; German: Tirol; Italian: Tirolo) is a historical region in the Alps—in Northern Italy and western Austria. The area was historically the core of the County of Tyrol, part of the Holy Roman Empire, Austrian Empire and Austria-Hungary, from its formation in the 12th century until 1919. In 1919, following World War I and dissolution of Austria-Hungary, it was divided into two modern administrative parts through the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye: 
State of Tyrol: formed through the merger of North and East Tyrol, as part of Austria
Region of Trentino-Alto Adige: at that time still with Souramont and the municipalities Valvestino, Magasa and Pedemonte, seized in 1918 by the Kingdom of Italy, and thus since 1946 part of the Italian Republic. (Wikipedia)

Green light

ROLA (Rollende Landstraße) train operated by ÖBB from Wörgl to Brenner
ÖBB 1293, Vectron

The price is from 94EUR one way depending on the weight and direction
Bcmz car is used for truck drivers

ÖBB 1016

The road up on the hill

ROLA train to Wörgl

St Jodok station
The station with one of the most picturesque views that I've visited

St Jodok is located 1141m above sea level, the train here is climbing up to Brenner pass, which means it has to go up to 1371m in a distance of 10km. Maximum incline here is 2.5%

ROLA train is frequent, it has a departure every hour between Wörgl and Brenner
ÖBB 1116

1293 011, 1016 017 and 1293 042

Eurocity Brenner from Munich to Verona/Bologna/Rimini
1216 017

EC from Bologna to Munich

1016 011

S-Bahn S3 line and REX departs from St Jodok

Arriving at Brenner, here the loading/unloading for ROLA train

I'm in Italy


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